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A marketing promotion with 4.8% conversion

How PremiumBonus successfully brought the Rombaba pastry shops to a new market

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About the company

Rombaba is a pastry shop chain from Bellini Gastronomic Ecosystem (Krasnoyarsk) that started operating in Moscow in late 2022. Since then, Rombaba bakers and confectioners have been making desserts familiar to anyone from childhood: cakes, puff pastries and rum babas.
In the years their loyalty program has been active, the chain accumulated a large guest database. In order for it to keep growing, PremiumBonus offered them promotions with tailored offers for all Rombaba audience segments.


The results of our effort are shown the best by two indicators:

Guests owning loyalty cards come back to Rombaba twice as often as those without cards

The average purchase amount for card owners is 7% higher than for those with no cards

The promotion got good feedback from Rombaba guests. Considering that the messages were focused on people who have not come back to the pastry shop in a while, the results matched expectations.

ROMI for the Choose Your Gift promotion was over 600%, meaning that the company earned over six rubles for every one they invested.

“Everything we’ve spend on that promotion paid off. We brought lots of guests back who stopped coming to us long ago. That’s the most difficult audience segment, so the promotion was a success for us.”

Yulia Mamaeva,
Rombaba market researcher

Hot issues

When the Rombaba team launched their business in Moscow, they already had experience in Siberia. In order to be successful, they had to collect and analyze as much information about their guests as possible and improve their loyalty.
The main success driver for that strategy was choosing an experienced and reliable marketing automation contractor.

Why PremiumBonus?

The Rombaba team studied the available experience and functions and decided that PremiumBonus was perfect for achieving their objectives. They were especially excited about the following advantages:

Guest-friendly system

Signing up only takes a couple of minutes; welcome bonuses are credited instantly.

Fast analytics

PremiumBonus makes it possible to collect data from multiple branches, in order to track the indicator dynamics and handle the database.

PremiumBonus staff’s expertise and professional mindset

They offer messaging ideas and help make them reality; a manager detects growth points, while a market researcher design mechanics.

“PremiumBonus offers very user-friendly interface. As a market researcher, I find it easy to monitor parameters and launch promotions on my own. I can get nearly every piece of information I want at any time: track conversion and guest base reaction to messaging, the loyalty program’s impact on sales and the average purchase amount.”

Yulia Mamaeva,
Rombaba market researcher

Work stages

As a Rombaba opened in Moscow for the first time, they had no client base or active loyalty program. Proactive work started in February 2023:

Objectives were set and discussed with the PremiumBonus team

The marketing department offered trigger mechanics for each objective and, together with the Rombaba team, developed guest data collection methods.

Personnel training in handling the bonus program

The process was organized as an online conference where Rombaba staff members could ask questions and clarify details.

Loyalty program signup for guests

That helped scale the client base up.

Base analysis and growth point detection

Proactive work with different client segments.

Choose Your Gift promotion for inactive clients

The goal was to strengthen the loyal segment.

Client base segmentation

The first and the most basic stage for any successful online research is to single out client groups the research would be focused on. For Stardogs, these included two groups of clients:

loyal clients who make purchases regularly

inactive clients who have not made any purchases in a while.

The company lacked convenient and effective audience research tools to develop the best marketing strategies.  
PremiumBonus experts developed specialized questionnaires for each group, offering them to choose from multiple options formulated beforehand. The questions were designed to give the company the best understanding of clients’ attitudes toward the brand and their consumer behaviors.

Newsletter setup

The poll newsletter implementation used two mechanics:

Push messages

The method was used for clients who have already downloaded the Stardogs mobile app and linked their loyalty card to the Wallet.

SMS messages

Clients who have not downloaded the app received their messages via SMS. To avoid widespread mistrust for messages from unknown senders, we branded our communications.

Introduction of a motivation program

We also introduced a motivation program in order to stimulate client activity. We offered a free hot dog as an incentive to participate in the poll.

The results of our online research confirmed some of the hypotheses formulated by Stardogs experts earlier. That pertained mostly to the issues of how, where and when clients’ interest in the product takes shape, what times of day are the best and which reasons should serve as a basis for new sales points locations.

Promotional mechanics:

Guests received short messages informing them about the gift and directing them to the landing page. After a guest clicked the link, they could choose the dessert they wanted to get for free.

Development plan with PremiumBonus

Together with PremiumBonus, the Rombaba team is planning further proactive handling of their client base:

connecting a new sales point to the bonus program: another pastry shop opened on December 26, 2023 in Moscow, in the Paveletskaya Plaza Shopping Center

run successful promotions again and find new messaging formats in order to stimulate guests with nice bonuses

collect more information on guest response to various promotions and expand the loyalty program

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