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Reducing customer churn by 22%

Restored customer base and increased loyal core through triggered newsletters and promotional codes by PremiumBonus

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About company

Zamania is a chain of family adventure parks, a cozy creative and recreational space for parents and children. The facilities have playgrounds, cafes and rooms to host celebrations. The first park was opened in 2016 in Moscow. By 2024, the chain includes 21 sites throughout Russia. Zamania plans to enter foreign markets, with its immediate goal being to open an adventure park in Dubai.


The active cooperation with PremiumBonus, which started in April 2022, produced the following results:

Hot issues

Zamania already had its own loyalty program and mobile app, but these tools were not fully operational, and the company faced a number of problems when implementing marketing strategies:

Limited analytical capabilities

Lack of a unified CRM system

High mobile app churn rate

Why PremiumBonus?

The company had to bring marketing processes to a new efficiency level and identify new development paths. An important factor that influenced the final decision was the company’s extensive experience and expertise, evidenced by cooperation with many big and successful brands.

Work stages

Implementing a unified user account. Zamania had plans to develop a unified CRM system to collect necessary information for making management decisions. After developing and implementing the user account, all customer data and reporting were stored in one location. This option greatly simplified data processing and analysis, as well as the choice of further marketing development.

Setting up custom reports. The adventure park chain has consistently suffered from a lack of quality analytics. PremiumBonus specialists linked IDs to data downloads to make it convenient for the client to generate reports applying non-standard metrics.

Extending the loyalty program. To attract and retain a customer base, PremiumBonus marketers took the following steps:

  • Introducing promotional codes. Promotional codes allowed the company to attract new customers and track Zamania’s customer channels. For example, a customer that used a promotional code was obviously attracted with a promotion.
  • Enabling triggered newsletters. Previously, the company used only manual newsletters. PremiumBonus added triggered emails and improved work on three customer segments: lost, dormant and new. We developed a special strategy for each segment. New customers got a 20% cashback on their first purchase, while lost and dormant customers were regained via newsletters.

Increasing mobile app engagement. PremiumBonus experts integrated the mobile app with the website, iiko and amoCRM. For example, users can now purchase an entrance ticket through a mobile app. After purchasing and entering data, user information is automatically updated in the system.

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Адрес:  Москва, ул. 2-я
Синичкина д. 9а

Адрес:  Москва, ул. 2-я
Синичкина д. 9а

Адрес:  Москва, ул. 2-я
Синичкина д. 9а

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